Telephone System Rental - Toronto

Small Business Telephone System rentals in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Customized phone system and phone rentals for short or long term business use with High Definition VoIP telephone lines included.

Office Telecom Rentals - Long and Short Term

Transportable Phone System RentalIf you're looking for a complete small business telephone system and phone solution in one, for short or long term rental periods in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) - we are your one stop shop!

One of our best and most widely used solutions is our Transportable WiFi Phone System. Simply unpack it, plug it in and go!

It includes a complete WiFi network and phone system solution in an easy to transport kit box - complete with instructions for fast and efficient deployment. 

Base kit includes:  Phone System, 1 reception phone, 4 work phones, and WiFi networking functionality. No wires to run. Simply unpack, plug in your bridged internet and power up!

Scalable and Affordable for your needs...

Our rental phone system solutions include HD VoIP telephone line service.

Base rental lines start at 2 or 4 lines and can be scaled up to 50 trunk line service depending on your needs. Forward or use your own phone number, or we can provide a dedicated phone number for you.

Uses and deployment scenarios

  • Temporary sales office phone & telecommunications
  • Start-up and small enterprise offices
  • Temporary phone system for moving or relocating due to renovations
  • Construction trailer, container or other mobile work trailer offices
  • Mining and camp offices with satellite internet
  • Seasonal or short term office telecommunications
  • Television and Film / Movie and Production Site Offices
    -See also:  Prop Phone Rentals
  • Political Party and short term location offices

HD (High Definition) IP-PBX Phone System Rental

  • Starter kit includes HD VoIP Telephone lines (4  trunks) and can be expanded as needed.
  • Phone System is customized and set-up specifically for your Campaign Office and call center.
  • Includes VoiceMail, Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, Conference rooms and more!
  • Customization available specifically for your Campaign office and your Electorial.

Short Term & Long Term Rentals

  • Base rates start on a per month basis. Includes initial set-up fee & phone number / phone service.
  • Longer term rental rates available on a discount per monthly basis.

Lightweight and portable phone system

Deployment, transportation and ease of use - that's how we designed our phone system rental kits!  It's flexible and reliable no matter where you are!

Our telecommunication kit bundle is easy to move and relocate, and ship across the country to where you need it. The main phone system is packed with lots of configurable features depending on your needs. We can customize and manage your phone system remotely no matter where it may be located. Making changes at a moments notice.

Note: even though our entire system is completely contained in it's 'own network structure', it can be used on an existing network with some additional configuration.

Contact us for more information, pricing and availability...